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We will not allow cell phones in the events. If you have to use your cell phone at any time, we will require for you to do so outside of the event. 

Calievents will have a photographer at each event to take pictures of guests if they'd like their pictures taken.

Please fill out the NDA form below and agree to the Non-Disclosure Agreement (Terms & Conditions) to attend events. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT.

Men must be 30+

NDA Form

Thanks for submitting!

Dress Code


2022 XXXMas Event:


You can wear anything that you're comfortable inYou may wear regular clothes of course. You may wear Christmas theme pajamas/lingerie if you want. You may come naked if you want, as long as you have Christmas accessories on.


Ex: Santa hat, ears, Christmas socks, etc.

Phone Policy


Due to the experience that's about to take place, phones and cameras are prohibited!

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